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Susan Walters Web Site


Welcome to the 
Susan Walters Web Site
the first site on the web about actress 
Susan Walters.

Susan Walters

TV Show CSI Miami (2004)
19 images -new-
TV Show Summerland (2004)
7 images
TV Show Young & Restless (2004)
3 images
TV Show The War Next Door (2000)
18 images
TV Show Providence (2000)
51 images
TV Movie Horse Sense (1999)
  32 images 
TV Movie Where the Truth Lies (1999)
 30 images
TV Movie Where the Truth Lies (1999)
 Video clip
TV Commercial Taco Bell  (1999)
 7 images 
TV Movie I Married a Monster (1998)
 70 images
TV show Melrose Place (1998)
38 images
Keenen Ivory Wayans Show (1998)
9 images
Guest on TV show Caroline In the City (1998)
9 images
TV Movie Two Came Back (1997) 
34 images
TV show The Big Easy (1996-1997)
33 images
Guest on TV Show Nash Bridges (1997) 
11 images
Guest on TV show Spy Game (1997)
2 images
TV Movie Texas Justice (1995) 
37 images
TV Movie XXX'sandOOO's (1994) 
9 images
Guest of TV show Seinfeld (1993)
8 images
Movie Galaxies Are Colliding(1992) 
32 images
TV show Dear John (1990-1992)
18 images 
TV movie In the Line of Duty (1990)
47 images
TV Show Nightengales(1989)
8 images
TV Movie Elvis and Me (1988) 
35 images
Other Images of Susan Walters
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Susan Walters 
Bio and Filmography

Susan and Linden. Susan was born Sept. 28, 1963 and married actor Linden Ashby in 1989. 
photo:Susan and husband Linden Ashby

Interviews and Chat
Soap Opera Digest interview Feb 1998

Entertainment Asylum Chat 1998

BoxTop Chat 1998

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